Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sleeping With Audio Books

Photo by Maryanne Mesplé ~ Listening  2015 

I cannot sleep tonight without listening to an audio book. How I developed such an addiction is deeply woven between time spent incapacitated by surgical interventions and the pain caused by those interventions and between those weavings of surgeries are the pain filled moments of broken bones, pulled muscles, and a back that goes on strike on occasion - without notice. On a scale of 0 to 10 I am a wimp at 5 when it comes to post operative pain, broken bone pain, swelling pain, and pain in general. I am not stoic and see no value in suffering physically.

My main pain reliever of choice is an audio book. My audio books take me away from my body and away from the pain. I am not saying I don't augment my audible pain killer with medication. I do. I do resort to swallowing pain easing remedies along with putting in earbuds. With my earbuds in place I press play, and then let a story teller's words disconnect me from my physical reality.  I am able to tolerate pain in a more grown-up manner when I can crawl into my auditory escape zone and let my audible book help me heal.

Tonight my ears will be filled with the voice of a story teller as they escort me away from the pain in my feet. Tonight, my broken bones and puffy over swollen tissue will have to throb without me for I will be off solving a mystery, or maybe tonight I will be immersed in the shared experience of stories about miracles and angels and more. Tonight, my audible book library will be appreciated even more as I listen to narratives filled with suspense and mystery and between the words of my chosen story teller I will find comfort away from pain for awhile where there is peace and healing.

I am addicted to audio books. My audio books are my pain relievers and sleeping aids and no, I don't need an intervention ~ I love my addiction.

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