Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just Not Going To Do This

Sometimes I wonder just where my head is when I charge forward with buying a book, or two or  more. A few years back I was seeking new dimensions within myself so I sought out experiences to provide me with new ideas to add to my philosophy.  My search lead me to a Facebook group that celebrated women, especially entrepreneurial women.  Within that group I discovered many interesting women who projected so much wisdom and knowledge of things I did not know so I joined a class that was designed to teach students the ways of being a Shaman. This is on-line mind you, and I really thought I was going to love this new social media adventure. I was going to love this adventure because I could learn about Shamanism and become a Shaman while sitting on my couch and not expend energy and money traveling to jungles and deserts and mountain tops to find a teacher. I was going to trump Carlos Castaneda.

(photo property of Maryanne Mesple)

I eagerly sent the creator of the on line course on Shamanism my money and then in return, was given access to a secret page where all us students could have our secluded chats about what we were learning. I will not go into detail about my experience but will share this - I quickly learned I am not a Shaman nor will I ever be a Shaman with my certification generated from an on-line course. Period.

After a few weeks listening to the secrets shared by the teacher, I started to get mad. I was getting mad because I could not believe the level of arrogance that was exuding from the top of the ladder on down. Yes, I am not one who plays well in the sandbox when someone elevates themselves above me and begins to kick sand .. and then act as if I should be thanking them for the sand in my mouth, eyes, and ears. Nope. Just not going to do this! So, with the prompting created by an experience I had with the teacher Shaman concerning money I was able to in good conscience excuse myself from becoming a Shaman.

So, now what to do with two books that were a "suggested" requirement  for reading? Throw them on the floor with the belief I would read them. Just not going to happen. I packed up the books when we moved to Texas and put them in a bookcase. My thought is or was, I eventually would read them because they are a part of my list of books to read that prompted the writing of this blog. Nope, Just not going to do this. I am not going to do this "reading" of these two books because they do not in any way interest me or provoke deep thought from me. Not going to read them because of the bad taste in my mouth from my experience with my short jaunt in the realm of Shamanism.

With that said, I am excusing myself from reading The Emerald Tablet. The Emerald Tablet is about alchemy and I suppose the history of such. The back cover explains that Alchemy dates way back to ancient Egypt and other eras in the past but, well, I am not into trying to change lead into gold, not even in the spiritual sense because I know that I am not lead, my spirit is not lead and I was born perfect and made of "gold". I am sure there are a lot of valuable lessons contained within the pages of this book, but the words do not call me to fall into the pages and get lost in the joy of the experience. This book is now officially off my list and will be on its way to a yard sale.

The next book that was a misadventure with becoming a Shaman, which I am not, is this pretty green beauty titled, The Emerald Tablet of Hermes and The Kybalion: Two classic books on Hermetic philosophy. 

I have skimmed through the pages of The Emerald Tablet and The Kybalion and I am not enthused at all. The information is not new, just served up a different way than my taste buds like. So, I am just not going to read this book and it too is officially off my list of books I have bought and need to read. Garage sale? Maybe, or I may let it grow old in one of my book cases. 

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