Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Red String Book

I was dabbling in the waters of Kabbalah theory and practice out of curiosity when I found this book. Often, my curiosity about an unexplored modality to improve my life is peaked due to debilitating dramas in my life. I now recall what was going on in my life, and why the wearing of a red string on my left wrist became so appealing. In this little book written by Yehuda Berg, I became acquainted with something beautiful and useful for my life - love and protection. I needed protection against forces that were out of my control and forces that were destroying my life, my body, and my faith in people. I needed love to heal and to rekindle my faith in people.

Yehuda Berg succinctly outlines what the Kabbalah is, what it is not, and its influence on life,  in the first three little chapters and the rest is about the red string and its application. There is so much involved that I feel I do not justice trying to explain it all, so this is one of those little books that you would benefit from by buying and then devouring. I love being served snacks in words that deliver entire main courses, and this little book does exactly that.  I had no idea what the Kabbalah was other than a thought system that I associated with the Jewish faith. I thought the Kabbalah was a book in the Torah. I love setting my wrong conclusions straight. According to Yehuda, the Kabbalah is "Technology for the Soul" a technology for the soul that is as ancient as wisdom can get and offers an answer the first question ever asked, "why am I here".

The book is a priceless read, one I enjoyed and still do enjoy. The title, The Red String, is apropos since the book is all about protection and wearing a red string. The Kabbalaistic red string is wrapped around the tomb of Rachel to imbue the string with love and protection which are the two character traits attributed to Rachel from the bible. The string is then cut into pieces and you can wear one of those cut strings on you left wrist to protect you from the evils of the world.

I know thoughts are "things" meaning we manifest what we focus on - what we think has a huge impact on our lives. When we adorn our bodies with the Kabbalah red strings on our left wrist, we are placing a memory jog on our body to help us remember we are loved and protected in life. We help ourselves to move beyond the evils of the world and so much more. This little book is jam packed with so much helpful information. 

I lost my red string, I need to get me some more and share them. Nothing wrong with making a visual statement about love and protection. If you are curious about the Kabbalah and believe you can impact your life through positive actions then perhaps you would benefit from getting a red string for your left wrist, but do yourself a favor and know why, and then share some of those red strings with people you love.